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Peru Cajamarca

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Bought my first bag of Harvest Moon at the Matthews Farmers Market this morning. I just had to make some when I got home and it’s delicious! It’s a very satisfying cup of coffee. I’m happy to find a local supplier for my morning brew. Cairn has a new customer.


I tried this coffee at the Salisbury Farmers Market and it is absolutely amazing! I have never been able to taste coffee and appreciate it due to not liking black coffee, but this was a shock, it has wonderful fruit and nutty notes and is so smooth. Absolutely delicious!!6

New Favorite!

The darker roast really complements the sweet, nutty notes at we love about Peruvian coffees from the region. We generally prefer lower acidity roasts without fruit notes, and this one is great. The darker roast helps it stand up to cream/milk as well, if that is your preference.

Reminds me of Peruvian Café Femenino beans which we love and liked supporting, and we appreciate that the mission of the Aprocassi cooperative is similar.

Roasted medium-dark with washed, sun-dried Fair Trade coffee from the Aprocassi Cooperative in the Cajamarca region of Peru. This coffee is certified organic at the origin. 

A rich dark roast with a sweet aroma and tastes of molasses and graham cracker in the cup. 

Aprocassi has many interesting projects and initiatives including empowering women coffee growers to implement beekeeping as a means to diversify their farms and increase yields. They have also piloted a study to analyze the life cycle of their production from farm to port shipment in order to become carbon neutral.