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Bold Explorer

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Bold Explorer is a dark roast with an earthy, dark caramel, full-body taste. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a strong, black coffee and is also delicious with a touch of cream to smooth it out. 

Roasted dark with wet-hulled (giling basah) coffee from Koperasi Produsen Gayo Highland in the Aceh region of Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Koperasi Produsen Gayo Highland, located in Central Aceh, Sumatra, is a cooperative established in October of 2016 to support the smallholder farmers in the area. The cooperative consists of 707 farmer members from 11 villages with a total land area of 1,033 hectares. Each producer that contributes to this coffee typically owns between 1 to 10 hectares of land. The coffee is harvested by hand and de-pulped at the various farm homes.

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