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Firelight Decaf

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It's good enough to drink black!

This is the best decaf I've ever tried. I never drink my coffee black.. but I can drink this one black.. that says a lot! And I love the fact that it's using the Swiss Water Process and no nasty chemicals. Highly recommend!

Katie G.

As someone who loves coffee but can’t have the caffeine for health reasons, this is my go-to blend. I love what Cairn stands for and the coffee is so good! Give it a try if you can. The owners are so sweet too and answered all of my questions about coffee! They’re so knowledgeable and passionate. I’m definitely going to purchase this again!

Roasted using a blend of natural and washed Brazil Alta Mogiana decaffeinated coffee.  Decaffeination is achieved through the chemical free Swiss Water Process.

The day is over, the fire is lit and a night of great conversation is just beginning.  Enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee enjoyed black or with cream and sugar, just without the caffeine. This medium-dark decaffeinated roast is smooth with low acidity and a taste of roasted almond. 

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